the human movement philosophy

I like to say: “I am serving a never-ending internship instead relying on a degree from 20 years ago.”


For me exercise is not something that can be learnt in a classroom. Where better to learn and gain experience than in the gym and on the training field? While I fully embrace and study the theory behind strength work, the importance of exercise technique is where the detail is.


My belief is that way too much conditioning is done by isolating muscles in the gym, whereas most movement happens in patterns.  The brain doesn’t remember these isolated muscle contractions but rather entire movement patterns. A sequencing and coordination of various muscle contractions to create movement.  


If you think about it, there is no such thing as muscle memory! None of our muscles have their own individual brain.  All muscles are controlled from the nervous system and effectively from the brain.  Therefore the brain is the software and the muscles are the hardware. 

This means that every time you train, you should be performing the movements that mimic those you would do in your chosen sport or activity. In fact, to gain full benefit from any exercise, you need to train a muscle the way it would be used in any given activity.

I have developed a format where clients are fully assessed as individuals, based on their posture and then movement patterns. Based on this information a client is shown how to activate the weaker muscles and then taught how to put that into good movement patterns. This has created a new way to condition the body that is based both on the specific strengths and weaknesses of each individual and on their particular movement requirements to improve optimal performance.  


My philosophy is that if you are going to be spending any time in the gym you might as well also improve your overall performance of the sports and activities you enjoy.


Exercises should not only be customised to a client’s needs but also to the level they are at, and more importantly that the client is taught to do them with correct technique.

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