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"Does your exercise regime fulfill your needs and ultimately make your sport and activities more enjoyable?  If you're going to spend time training make sure it adds to your enjoyment of life." 

the human movement philosophy

Not all movement is created equal. If running is your only activity without any strength work then you are continuously training certain groups of muscles, and excluding others. This leads to muscle imbalances and creates bad habits that can lead to injury. This is where I come in... 

I have developed a format where clients are fully assessed as individuals, based on their posture and then movement patterns.


Based on this information a client is shown how to activate the weaker muscles and then taught how to put that into good movement patterns.


This has created a new way to condition the body that is based both on the specific strengths and weaknesses of each individual and on their particular movement requirements to improve optimal performance.  

  • Do you want to move better?

  • Do you want to improve your performance?

  • Do you want to stay healthy and prevent injuries?




I was born in Johannesburg but was always destined for the ocean. I represented South Africa for underwater hockey at the age of 19, and have since played for both South Africa and Great Britain at different world champs. After a long lay-off pursuing other activities at the age of 45 I was selected for the Elite SA men’s team to compete at the World Championships in Brisbane in July 2020. Unfortunately that was cancelled due to COVID.


My other sporting pursuits include big wave surfing, freediving and trail running, 

Professionally, at the age of 25 after 5 years of living the life of an elite athlete, I got into bodywork as a Sports Massage Therapist.  Having always been involved in some form of training myself, I soon got frustrated by the level of rehab and general conditioning available to my clients.


Observing the lack of proper assessment of clients as individuals and the negative impact of isolated muscle type of gym training I sought out leaders in the exercise profession to learn from the best. This has been my life's work for the last two decades. 


I absolutely love movement and never stop learning to understand how people move and what movement patterns are required to optimally perform their activities. 


I am serving a lifetime internship in exercise and movement.

Human movement philosophy

How i can help you

I worked out at a young age that hard work on the training field or in the gym got me huge returns during competition. I was never the fastest or the biggest or necessarily that talented but with training I could always make myself fitter and stronger. This is a philosophy I have lived my life by and passed on to my clients.




Many activities and sports use certain groups of muscles more than others.  This leads to muscle imbalances, where key muscle groups are strengthened but others are neglected and end up weak.  These muscle imbalances lead to poor posture, and exercise technique which can contribute to pain and lead to injuries.

Unfortunately repetitive things we do in life also contribute to these imbalances.  Sitting at a desk, driving a car or even spending extended time in heels, all of these need to be accounted for when designing a strengthening programme. 

I believe a well thought out exercise regime helps to rectify these muscle imbalances and allows you to move better.  I also like to customise your programmes not only to your imbalances but to help improve your sports and activities.

SPORT MASSAGE and Neuromuscular therapy (NMT)

There are many ways massage can help a client’s physical state – it can restore him/her to good posture, correct muscle imbalances and improve both joint range of movement and tissue flexibility.  Sport massage is a deep treatment for soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, tendons etc.) and helps to simply lengthen tight muscles by reducing areas of tension. 

Neuromuscular therapy is similar, in that it treats soft tissue too, but the focus is on balancing the central nervous and musculoskeletal systems.  When a muscle contracts it does so because it’s given a signal by the central nervous system.  If any particular muscle in the body overworks, it can become tighter and tighter.  A muscle like this (i.e. contracting regularly) begins to need less of a signal in order to work.  This means the tighter muscle will tend to be used to perform certain activities, at the exclusion of other (weaker) muscles.  By manually releasing these tight muscles, we can help to re-set the nervous system and balance out the signal sent to various muscles giving the weaker muscles a chance to work. 


Clients benefit by seeing an enhancement of muscle suppleness, a reduction in injury impact, an improvement in recovery time, freedom from pent-up physical stress and better physical balance.

Sports Massage


"Stuart has served as a great mentor for me. I would not be where I am today if it was not for him."


SA & African Record Holder

2016 Olympics for Swimming

"Working with Stuart has changed me as an athlete and I have had no major injuries since our work together started . I am aware of my body and I feel great lifting heavy weights every single day of my life."


Olympic Lifter

"Stuart was able to add significant value with regards to his understanding of injuries, especially that of many of the long term niggles some of the boys were carrying into the season. Stuart was able to identify and remedy injuries many local specialists had been unsuccessful in treating."


Backline Coach, Grey PE

1st XV

"I will recommend Stuart to all my friends. The best would actually have been for me to have met Stuart BEFORE Ironman to sort out my weaknesses, in that way I could definitely have prevented my injury."


Ironman athlete

"I was a top junior long distance runner, but had to stop running after a back

injury.  It had been almost 20 years but with Stuart's coaching, I am able to

run again without any pain."


“When I was playing the golf tour, I spent four and a half years training in the gym yet somehow I was always training the wrong muscles to play golf.  Since training with Stuart I feel stronger, more stable and more confident in my golf” 


P.E.G.C. professional

stuart dicke



Cape Town

083 538 1701

The best and quickest line of communication is to send me a Whatsapp on 083 538 1701.

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